Simple monthly payments

We will make it as easy as possible for you to have an amazing website and that includes offering flexible monthly payments. In fact we make it really easy for you to pay via PayPals subscription service.

No need to worry

Here at Amazing Digital Media we do our best to make your website and other media as amazing as it can be. That’s our goal and we don’t accept anything less! We will always be available to support you and grow your website when the time comes…

Low upfront cost

We only charge a £99 up-front fee to start your amazing website project. We want you to be completely happy with your website before you pay for it in full. Even when you decide to launch your site our flexible payment options are available!

Peace of mind

We’ve worked with many, many customers over the years and enjoyed each and every project we’ve worked on. Rest assured we’ll deliver on our promises of making your website truly amazing!

How pricing works

All our websites are subscription based which means that every year (or month if you choose this option) there is a recurring fee. This has always made sense to us and our customers as they would rather pay a low cost for their website every year than pay thousands of pounds up front.

We’re constantly adding new amazing features to our websites as the trends in internet use evolve and diverge into new exciting platforms such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, social media expansion and who knows what for the future! We’re always changing and developing security measures to protect your website and of course taking daily copies/backups to make sure you’re always covered.

All these extra features are covered into the yearly subscription as are any updates you’d like done to your website throughout the year. It means that billing is simple and easy, there are no extra costs and you know exactly where you stand. Nearly all our websites are £259 per year. We only charge more (but not much more) if you require an online store and payments.

  • Automatic security updates 100%
  • New features 80%
  • Improvements in device compatibility 90%
  • Freindly support, help and advice 100%
  • Back up and peace of mind 99%
  • No contract, op-out at anytime 100%

Please use the form below to get in contact with us in the first instance.

If you would prefer to have a chat to talk about your project just send us your telephone number and we’ll give you a call back. We don’t charge for speaking to us to discuss your project so please feel free to contact us with no obligation. The Captcha (the sum to the right of the form) needs to be completed so we know you’re human…you’d be surprised at the number of computers that try to contact us!

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Thank you for all your hard work. The site is great and customers have already commented on how great it is. A truly ‘amazing’ website and service. Your ideas around social media integration and use of video was inspired. Looking forward to working with you soon.

Griffin Sports

Thank you to the ADM (Amazing Digital Media) team for doing such a good job on our website. We needed the website quickly and you delivered. We’re very happy with our website and would recommend your services to anyone. We love how easy it is to update the website.

The Saffron

I admit I didn’t really know what I wanted my website to look like or what information I should have on my website. ‘Amazing’ took care of everything, suggested content, features that would be useful to my customers and produced several site designs that I could choose from.

Think Again Suffolk

We needed a new website that we could update ourselves and we needed it quickly!. ADM (Amazing Digital Media) were available to help us and worked very hard to get the website up and running ASAP. The design of the site and dynamic content was exactly what we were after.

Next Generation Fostering