What can you do?

We have many years photographic experience and know all the tricks of the trade to make your products and services look amazing.

We can take professional photos of your products or services on location at your business or at our studio located in Suffolk.

Editing and detail

We produce images in a ‘raw’ format for use in your digital or printed media and we’re more than happy to produce that media for you if you are happy with the photographic service. Just take a look at our design and print services.

We also offer a post photography service where we can digitally alter the images for you after the photos have been taken. This might be to remove an element of the image, swap or alter colours in a product, merge some images together to create collages or perhaps change the appearance of the photo completely.

High quality

We use the latest cameras for our video projects that can film in a 4k resolution that’s almost 4 times the resolution of 1080p TV’s at home. We can also film at very high frame rates offering amazing slow motion effects.


We’re very happy coming to you wherever you are. We can bring all our equipment with us and set-up nearly anywhere. We can also suggest filming locations if your’re not sure what’s possible. Why not drop us a message to talk more about your project?

Any project, any size

We use the latest video DSLR cameras, professional sound recording equipment and camera movement tools such as dolly rigs and sliders.  We can also downscale video at a later date to fit nearly any device perfectly.

The cutting room

When editing the video we use the profession Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X as our cutting room. All project work is backed up locally and in the cloud for peace of mind.


Video and motion graphics are becoming more and more popular and with services such as YouTube and Vimeo the possibilities to reach new customers and demo products and services is almost endless. It’s an amazing way to show customers what your organisation is all about within a few minutes or even seconds. If a picture paints a thousand words, what can a video do?

Motion graphics

As well as video projects we can also create motion graphics which compliment video amazingly. We can create state of the art slow motion cuts, add animated text and graphics, change the colour and grading of any video source. We can also create stunning 3D models of your products to be used in product demonstrations.

Some examples

Below are just a few examples. Just drop us a line to discuss your project ideas in more detail.