Hi everyone, I’m Chris and I’m the senior design developer  at ‘amazing’. I have my dream job and I love creating in any form I can…my favourite form though is websites…I can’t get enough and I’ve been creating websites for over ten years so that’s saying something.

Qualifications: Degree in Business Management and Computer Programming – 15 Years experience developing digital media.

Favourite film quote: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat…”

  • Websites 98%
  • Photography 95%
  • Video 95%
  • Project management 95%

I’m Scott and I’m the lead designer in the ADM team. I’ve been designing and developing ideas for printed media and digital media for over 15 years now and I love it just as much today as I ever have. In fact given the constant advancements in technology and the way we all interact with media, design is more exciting than it’s ever been!

Qualifications: Degree in Art and Design – 20 years experience in design and print media – 10 years experience in design management.

Favourite film quote: “May the force be with you…”

  • Design and Print 99%
  • Illustration and animation 97%
  • Websites 90%
  • Training Media 85%

I’m Neil and I’m a designer at ‘amazing’. You can’t get any better than being creative, making your mark and providing an all round amazing service. My moto is ‘good design makes life better’ and I truly believe that.

Qualifications: Degree in Design Studies- 15 year experience in design and data management – 6 years experience in accessibility.

Favourite film quote: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…”

  • Design and Print 95%
  • Photography 95%
  • CSS & HTML 90%
  • File Maker 90%

I’m ‘Mavic’, one of the most advanced aerial video and photography platforms available today. I can take stunning 4k resolution videos and beautiful 12 megapixel photos. I have a state of the art stabilisation system that means my video is super smooth and I can use professional filters on my lens to create cinematic shots.

Qualifications: One of the most popular, stable and advanced aerial video and photography platforms available today.

  • Video quality standard (4k) 100%
  • Video stabilisation (3 axis gimbal) 100%
  • Flight distance from operator (1.2 miles) 95%
  • Real-time video display (HD video on tablet or smartphone) 95%